Domain and page Authority checker

Domain authority and Page Authority is very essential for an SEO expert. it’s determined the selection of a website to get some idea and research. every SEO expert and business researcher always updates with Domain and Page Authority.

today we describe shortly about Domain and Page Authority.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a scale of websites domain score. domain authority depends on 3 things. those are:

  1.  Age
  2.  popularity
  3. its Size

If there are 3 things in a website, definitely this page has a very good domain authority. its know in a short way is DA

Page Authority

Page Authority is a scale of defined the ranking and durability only of a webpage.  it also works like to domain authority but its just work for the web page. page authority provides the predictive rank strength of a page. Its also known as PA.

it’s necessary to know about domain and page authority for every SEO expert. domain and page authority is showed always in a matrix way. That means  we can see domain and page authority in matrix scale. Somewhere its show like to long colorful scale or somewhere in percentage.

How  To determine DA & PA

we can find the DA and PA result by using some tools. there are many tools to find this result. but MOZ is using most.

here is the way of using MOZ step by step:

  • install MOZ . to get MOZ to click here
  • go the free trial . you can also use the paid tool.
  • then you can see a fo9rm.
  • fill the form requirement
  • then you can see it on your toolbar
  • here press the on option
  • then go to your search engine
  • search for any website

 page and domain authority

Now you can see the matrix of DA and PA.

if you need to know more just click here.

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