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Services MODELS


This is a program designed for smaller businesses that don’t require a full-time staffer for you, but rather a suite of services is an ongoing basis.

Such as SEO, data entry, web development, and graphic design. Small business packs will be customizable for you, that a big range of services can be provided for a fixed monthly price.
Our goal is to confirm that our team members work to know – and grow your business as your expectation, and you feel that we are just an extension of your office and your work.


This model employs a fixed one-time project or an ongoing hourly structure for a project.

Such as SEO, SMM, graphic designing, app development or lead generation. The project could be a one-off assignment or be on an ongoing basis.

Basically, detailed specifications and milestones are agreed upon before starting the project, and the structure of fee and payment is linked with the output.

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